busy buzzing little bees..

busy busy busy with many things. My twitterati might have got the gist of what being going on  work wise but surfice to say you honestly couldnt make it up! Also my first nephew is due very soon so been working on a patchwork quilt surprise for the little man. No photos I'm afraid as its all a big surprise for everyone. Its also the season for spring cleaning. So all in all no time for any thing fun and crafty. Not even enough time for sleep!

But a girl ALWAYS had time to shop, and I have a new love. After many disappointing days shopping in places that don't live up I found heaven.

Proper flea market heaven. As in boxes to rummage through and lovely stuff and not over priced beyond all sanity. I am in love. OK, so I only actually walked out with a (very reasonably priced) demijohn. But I wanted to buy so much more, and even Mr O, who is normally immune to my over-excited bargain shopping, is already trying to mortgage the cat (as he says) to buy a particularly gorgeous bit of furniture.  Department is in Hove, totally go if you are in the area. Just don't buy any of the stuff I want, got it!

But spring cleaning is nearly done, and this months cake recipe is forming. Spring is a time to end old things and start new. Lots of stuff on the horizon so seems to be working here.  Busy bees getting sorted to get that honey made.

Now, just got to get those winning lottery numbers picked.

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