Off to Market

A jolly has been well overdue, lately staring at these same four (so very tastefully decorated) walls has been driving me stir crazy. So off I popped on an expedition to Portobello.

Now ok it isn't really the season for Portobello Market, and while vintage is a affirmative, that doesn't always mean reasonable. That said the kinda stuff I liked (ie not silverware or furniture) was pretty reasonable compared to what I'm used to. Cheaper in some cases. Plus is always good to rummage and get ideas on what to look out for in areas that are under priced cheaper. Top thifting tip from me, never under appreciate the places with a rep for being more expensive. At worse you get ideas on what to look for, but often you'll find something they picked up at a house clearance and wanted gone cheap. Pricey shops have cash flow concerns too.

While there I came across Kirstie Allsop central, now a quite nice furniture shop. And of course no trip to Notting Hill is complete without cakey goodness. This time I partook of a nice Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie from Hummingbird. Not as nice as I expected to be totally honest, but looked fantastic! and perfect after a long morning walking up and down Portobello Market.

Got a few bits, Mr O was more than a bit surprised that I didn't come home with much much more. Little is he aware its a ploy, next time I'll take him and he'll have to carry everything! (and pay!!!)

But you can't do a full day there, especially this time on year, so of course a small trip off to Covent Garden and the Tintin shop on Floral Street. Its tiny and perfect and full of EVERYTHING Tintin. I mean who doesn't love Tintin?? Seriously now, its awesome. Even if they have stuck bunny ears on poor Snowy 'cos its Easter. There aren't any photos of that because that was just plain WRONG!

Borough Market is the bonus coming into London via London Bridge Station. I'm totally appalled that my husband never goes on his way through the station. Full of gorgeous food I tell you all go. I know he doesn't get it, he thinks farmers market, a couple of fruit and veg, maybe some fish, some cheese.

Oh no, oh no no no. So much more. We are currently sat in a cheese coma, dinner being just a cheese plate. But not just any cheese plate...mmm.........

If When you go, try and find Drunken Cheese. That stuff is amazing. That and Monmouth Coffee. A must for all caffeine addicts. And now I have imparted my wisdom I go to eat wine and plot lemon & raspberry madelines.

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