Life on the Jubilee Line

There has been an awful lot in the UK press over the last week about British homes getting smaller. According to Royal Institute of British Architects, the average one bedroom home in the UK is now only 46 square meters. The size of a Jubilee line tube carriage. They've launched a campaign to try and make sure that it can't get any smaller, that there should be a minimum standard all new builds are built to. Especially in regard to window size. Mr Kevin McCloud will probably explain it better, or at least more amusingly...

Our humble abode is about 30sq m, a full third of the average size, the size that RIBA thinks of as unacceptable and contributes to ill health. We are lucky in that we have a glorious window about six foot long that faces due south, so we have enough light. But our loo could definitely do with a window, although we aren't "allowed" to put one in.

We're lucky as well in that we have a shed to store stuff, so our out of season stuff like the portable BBQ or the halogen heater. I do think what RIBA are trying to do is important thou. In the past week I've read a lot of really odd and bizarre comments on the report, spin's on the information and quite frankly some slightly crazy ideas on maximizing your space. The less said about some of the things written in the comments the better. 

Life on the Jubilee Line isn't all bad. I like it at Christmas, when its all cozy. Location is everything, opposite the beach-ish is very lovely when the weather is good, and don't ever forget the gift that keeps on giving - less flat to actually CLEAN. I'm working on some handy hints that I'm putting together for passing on. But as ever, comment and suggestion welcome.

So go visit read the info, fill in the survey, and write to your MP! We all need space and light, and it should be a legally defined right.

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