So far... This April...

So what have I been up to lately? Glad you asked.

I've been a bit to busy to sit down and get my focus-face on to blog. Its the sunshine it does funny things to ones brain. It's honestly not that we have abandoned the house for the beer garden/park/beach/places without wi-fi. Well, not much.

Its proper, full-on boot sale season now down here. And it does help some that the local site is about 10 minutes away. Lots of bargains have been had. The best was this glorious crochet tablecloth. It was stained, really nasty gravy stains. The ones that come out perfectly with a good soak in Vanish. So, knowing that would fix it, some major haggling and for £2 it was mine. A day later it was gorgeous and white again.

Amy's wonderful instruction on blocking crochet during my intermediate classes this month was useful too in restoring it to its former glory. In general they were really good actually. I made granny squares. I need some help with my counting - too many practice ones ended up as triangles or general mis-shapen messes but it was SO useful having someone there telling me like this, like that. If i find the instructions confusing with anything, going over and over them doesn't make them any less greek so I do love a "practical" lesson. I just need more money so I can pay for more . Anyone wants to give me some I accept paypal and personal cheques.

But mostly this month so far I've been reading. Like I said yesterday, I've been nose deep in Crafty since I got my hands on the first issue. Mr O treated me to a subscription so issue 2 arrived and ditto on the nose deep. I've also been reading a few blog-centric books. Every alternative viewpoint on what I can do is welcome into the mix you know? So plotting - new content ideas as well as new projects.So if you see something new that you like give me a thumbs up, 'cos I might be trying some stuff out and if you like, yay, but if no-one speaks up it might not repeat itself.

Today, now I've been shopping and have pre-shrunk all my fabric finally, was project day. I've some boot sale booty to upcycle, and some sewing projects that need doing.

 Expect some postings later, but ta ta for now...


  1. Love the new look of the blog - more TV reviews pls -enjoyed the post on the Great British Sewing Bee much more than the show!