Sunday night crafting

I live in converse for work, so when on a recent perusal of the magazine rack I noticed Crafty, with its "personalise your pumps" cover feature on issue one, I had to have a look didn't I.

I have to say, colour me impressed. Along with the normal interviews and editorial type content, some really nice and useful projects and inspirations. Sometimes it can be a bit oooh that's lovely but totally impractical or similar, but my head was stuck in this mag for hours. No customising my converse yet, but I was struck by a bit using loads of little paper cutouts of people, including one for femmes and hommes in frames. Perfect for a loo door. I know I only have 3 doors in the flat but hey, it could still do with a sign.

Anyway, I liked it, but it was a bit monochrome for my liking. So used the templates in the magazine and I coloured it up appropriately, and my knife wasn't great for circles, I think its a wee bit blunt, so I substituted buttons.

The best bit, the frames were 25p each from a boot sale, the card 5p per sheet from the same. I had the buttons so all in, 60p for both. So a magazine make AND bargain crafting. Oh, and it took about 10 minutes, so that's the hat-trick.

What did you make this weekend? 

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