The Great British Sewing Bee

We've all been watching or Sky+ing I'm sure  Everyone I know has been asking me have I been watching, and I have, but it has unfortunately been relegated from prime time watching, accompanied by wine and cake, to day off morning over breakfast. And I had such high hopes.

Aside from leaving me with great feelings of inadequacy, I wasn't sure what to make of The Great British Sewing Bee after last weeks episode. I was disappointed straight off that it seemed to be entirely women's tailoring, but the little "coming up" bit left me hopeful that we'd see something else. Even so, I was much less raring to watch the next episode, learning that it was only a four episode series didn't make me any more enthused.

If you hadn't guessed, I love cooking, I think I'm pretty good, and a few years back I auditioned to Masterchef. I didn't get to the show (although I did make it past the application stage so me = chuffed). Even still, watching the series I failed to get on, and pretty much all of them actually, there was an element of "I could do that" which is inspiring, and to be honest was why I applied - Mr O. saying every week "you could do that" or "you wouldn't make that mistake" wears down the inner hermit.  The sewing bee makes me want to hide the sewing machine and look at it again. It makes me feel I would need to take professional lessons before attempting to emulate the contestants.

I think alot of the failings is ok, there's a fair few of them still "in it", but there is no audition stage. It's missing the moments that leave you shouting at the telly "oh for gods sake how can you not know that!" because of such a glaringly obvious cock-up, a must for encouraging the amateur. Maybe that's the nature of the beast, but it leaves me wanting. They've done all that already leaving us with the best of the best, and I'm really disapointed that it seems to be entirely clothes. A tiny bit of a shake-up, we have mens trousers. They may be harder to tailor, but for a viewer they aren't really any more interesting to watch.

The how to guide isn't bad, but they're about 60 seconds long, very things most people who've got a machine and have had a pay will likely have already tried. A cushion cover? Really?? And worst, on the shows website are totally different "how to's" of if by chance you do want to try what they've shown you its up to you to find the spot in the iplayer and rewatch those precious 60 seconds of info. Again, as an amateur watching, does the BBC want to leave me feeling a cushion cover if all I might be capable of? Or would it like to encourage me to apply next year?

Overall it just doesn't quite hit the mark for me. I mean I'm hoping to be proved wrong by the series end, and should they make more I'd try again to see if they shake up the format a bit. But as it is? I can't see myself watching it again. Mr BBC man take note!


  1. so its more fluff from the bbc, cheep reality tv pretending to be make and do.

  2. not exactly, just more intimidating than inspiring. I mean I'm scared enough of attempting clothes as it is, I didn't need any help in that area!