Best Jams

Not music, but actual jams. I've made ALOT of jams over the past 12 months, Using jam sugar (so no need to add pectin and all that stuff) it really is so easy. 50/50 with the sugar and fruit, get it all boiling away for 5 minutes and done. We gave ALOT for gifts over christmas and got alot of feedback, so along with mine and Mr O's votes, we've complied our top 5 jams
  1. Black Forest - I used a frozen black forest fruit mix, the kind they advertise as "for smoothees" as I'm lazy it was cheaper and easier than making my own medley. A cinnamon stick, some finely grated fresh ginger (about a tablespoon to the bag of fruit) and a glug of Kirsch gives it a bit of a kick and turns it into something special
  2. Blackberry and Elderberry - The exact mix varies on what I can find in the hedgerows, but its usually about 250g blackberries to 100g elderberries. In the words of Mr O. "what do you mean its all gone!?!"
  3. Plumpocalpse - For the explanation of the name, check out this blog post, but its basically victoria plum and a fair wack of stem ginger (get the stuff soaked in whiskey if you can, if not add a glug maybe?). Stew up the fruit and check the ginger kick is to your taste before adding the sugar - I like it to just tickle the back of my throat.
  4.  Strawberry and Elderflower - the usual 50/50 mix, to which I added an some elderflower cordial, at 1 tablespoon per 100g of strawberries. Perfect with clotted cream on scones.
  5. Marmalade - OK, so not exactly a quick one, but using the Riverford recipe and pack like I did wasn't exactly rocket science either. And it would appear, from all the reviews, that NOTHING beats homemade marmalade.
Which also brings us to the end of the chapter, as such. I recently got a copy of Salt, Sugar, Smoke by Diana Henry. A really interesting read, and she mentions she always uses normal sugar and pectin. Given that i used up the last of my jam sugar, and I have a tiny ass kitchen, I figured the next lot of jam I make I'm going to try that. I just need to wait until I get more glass jars to put it all in!!

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