Bank Holiday nosh-up

May Bank Holiday and the sun is shining, whats to do but head down to the "Foodies Festival" in Hove. That said, we'd have gone sunshine or no, having got the bargain pre-booked tickets on two for one.

Its good for two things when its a day like yesterday - basking in the sun and free samples! Well that and finding some interesting new food combos. But yeah, mostly its about the samples.

We had a few good foodie finds that said. Hunters Brewery had some great ale, and their stout was very different. I'm not one for stout but it tickled my taste buds. And they gave good deals - even if they did try to barter for Mr O's shirt.

Scarlett and Mustard dressings and marinades was also able to convince me to part with money after samples. They had some gloriously delicious flavours in the dressings - after tasting
Mutti's Mint & Red Currant Dressing we HAD to buy. Totally glorious. 

Most fun stall of the afternoon went to Hannibal Brown Wines, as well being some pretty fine wine, they were giving away £25 vouchers off a case with every purchase - even if that purchase was just a glass. Or, you could trade that in for a "spin of the wheel" for a different prize. Great fun after a few samples. We won a free tea towel - and managed to convince them to let us keep a voucher too! 

There were lots of sweet treats and cheeses, but while the samples were good and we did get a few nothing was "oh my god wow!". It was really cool to find a single origin Jamaican chocolate, so of course I had to get some in honor of my Jamaican Granny.  Otherwise unfortunately there was not much variety in the stalls once you got past the chilli's, cheeses and booze. A few local foodie finds to try out, but I'll blog about those when we get past the samples stage, really a grand day out.

The star of the show was these guys thou - Custom Creams. Not only was it liquid nitrogen icecream, which is some of the best simply by science, but it was made right in front of you with your choice of flavours. Liquid nitrogen is used to create ice cream not just because its cold, but because its REALLY cold. The quicker a mix is frozen, the smaller the ice crystals and the creamer the ice cream. That's how it can be made-to-order. They really just put milk and your choice of flavour into the Cryo-mix (its one of a kind and patented I'm told) and mix.

Blooming Marvelous and really quite yummy.

Hove is the first they do over the summer, they go on every other weekend or so all year, so if it sounds like your cuppa tea check it out. Its a fairly decent way to spend an afternoon, plus WOO FREE SAMPLES!

And who doesn't love a walk in the park that comes with pit-stops for munchies? 

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