Birthday cake and gussetts!!

I know its usually the middle of the month we have delicious cake, and we will be later. Only, I'm not the one baking it for once.

It is my gorgeous eldest niece's birthday today, and true to smart girls of all ages she loves shoes and her gadgets. So that is what she got from us, well kinda. We got her some sandals, and she has a tablet, so I've made her a cover.

I've made covers for a lot of little gadgets, its fairly straightforward, if a bit fiddly. Thicker items are just as easy to cover, its just that sometimes it needs to be more of a box than an envelope your sewing.

Easily achieved. Just add a small gusset like you do with the washbags I made a few weeks back. It doesn't need to be as big as those, just flatten the corners and make sure the line you sew across to make the gusset is as long as the gadget is wide.

This particular one is made from a really lovely brushed cotton I picked up a few weeks ago, as she loves soft, cuddly things. I like the pattern, its very sweet but it also isn't going to "date" as she grows up. Its also a bit 70's looking so most importantly, her very funky aunt loves it too!

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