Handmade Makes for Cosy Homes

I don't blog everything I make myself. I've been making bits and re-making bits for so long I never think of these, they are just "things I do". Things like my sewing machine cover - possibly the easiest thing to knock up on the machine. Its basically a big bag with gussets and no handles, used upside down. Or my spray painted/washi taped plant pots.  All these little bits that you don't really notice or think about as upcycled or whatever you want to call it.

So.. just for you , a small photo gallery of my favourite makes for the flat not previously blogged...

TV cover. Only a few badges so far but hope eventually to cover it in them

My favourite bit if flat-pimping is the final photo. If I told you I was stood in the doorway and against the far wall, that would give you an idea of the size of our bedroom! Tiny is not exactly the word.

Mr O is always banging his knees on the wall when hes sleeping, which was always so loud it woke me. So I made him a padded room! Well, not quite, but you can see what we did do. Literally just pillows hanging off a curtain pole and the existing headboard, but it does the job and gives a daybed look. Plus, no hard headboard for breakfasts in bed.

The shelves are more about using "dead space" to gain some storage, as well as gaining somewhere to put the alarm clock and charging phones! 

 As you can also see, not all the shelving is used (the top one is for all those childhood bits that'd go odd in the attic) so we have room for more bits as needed. That said, I really do need some baskets for the linen!

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