Retro Purse - Magazine Make

I made these lovely paper cuts inspired by an article in Crafty Magazine. I really liked the mag, it spoke to me a bit more than Mollie Makes and others that I occassionally pick up, so Mr O treated me to a subscription.

This months free gift was a purse clasp. I've always been more than a little scared of anything I can't easily figure out how the HELL to attach to fabric. With these, turns out its fabric glue.

I had the gloriously coloured circles, and the calico from last months issue. I won't tell you the how, because honestly I totally stuffed it up. But I fixed it and it looks rather spiffy.  In all honesty the gluing wasn't too hard - I just had to re-glue a few bits. It was the sewing I messed up by trying to be sewing the lining in with the machine

Still, perfect for my bits and bobs

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