This May I've been mostly....

Listening to... Frank Turner and Daft Punk. Both artists make me feel really old, being that they've been mainstays of my iPod playlist for nearly a decade. Christ! now I've written it I feel really old. Loving the new stuff thou, good for dancing around the flat.

Reading... FICTION! Yes, finally some fiction. Some proper time management on the life/work balance thing and I finally finished the book I started last month - The Heresy of Dr Dee by Phil Rickman. I'm a massive fan of his "Merrily Watkins" novels, and while this is only the second book in his Dr Dee series I think this will be a keeper too.

Watching... Ventriloquists. Or rather one. With a really depressed monkey. Seeing Nina Conti and monk live this month was awesome. The furry one may have threatened to deck my tech support but I can appreciate that urge. Seriously, go if you can.

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Lusting after... Bottle Holders. I love my sodastream, fizzy water "on tap" and add nice cordials and whats better on a warm afternoon. The only problem is keeping all those cordial bottles in check on the counter top. Can't use the wine rack because, well, that's for wine! I'm dreaming of a proper, old, yellow painted coke carrier, or even a Pepsi one, but no one on Etsy will ship to the UK. Notonthehighstreet has some nice ones too, but I think I'm holding out for my yellow dream

left to right - HistoryReborn @ Etsy, Cooper Rowe Vintage Living & Garden Trading @ Notonthehighstreet

Rocking my... Bargain striped dress. I don't know what it is, maybe its the Royal Mail price hike, but major bargains in the charity shops this  last month or so. Some bits need work (more on those later) and some I've not even tried but this dress, I LOVE. Currently on sale for £35ish I picked it up for £5 with the tags still on. Wearing many ways and with many bits, it seems to work with so much, so easy to wear. I get sad when its in the wash.

 Pimping... My bathroom. It was bland, just white and wood, but it was ok with that. Then we re-hung the door and it demanded some colour. Thankfully a couple of bargain tester pots from Dulux took care of that. Its the inside of the flat is now bigger, and the bathroom alot more bright. Plus.. I can walk down the hallway and not get hit in the face by the door.

Stalking...  The Militant Baker. "Things no one will tell fat girls.. so I will" showed up on a friends facebook. I laughed, I cried and I felt a bit better about myself.  Jes comes across and so positive its infectious and awesome and it makes me laugh. Gorgeous photos and styling too. Girl Crush of the month! Also, check out her open letter to the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch - which even made news over here in Blighty!

The Militant Baker

Munching... A foodie festival favourite. Scarlett and Mustard. Hardly thrifty to buy something as easily homemade as dressings and marinades, I know, but sometimes its worth it, and these are. On salad or used to marinade meats, they are lush. Recommend the limited edition Redcurrant and Mint - I NEED to figure out how to recreate that one.... mmmm. Definitely flavour of the month!

Next month I solemnly promise to...

Not watch the entirety of Buffy in one go, every day off I have, until done. Awesome, yes, but my god does the sky+ back up.

Start a big project thats for ME this time, now the quilt is done. And not leave it weeks before picking it up each time.

Onwards and upwards ...

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