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I was asked nicely last week for more TV stuff, and always happy to oblige my public, this month's top 5 is dedicated to duvet day telly, the shows that you love to re-watch. 

I watch an inordinate amount of telly, not just what I watch but if, like now, Mr O is watching telly and I'm blogging or creating. It seeps in by osmosis. But there are stuff that as much as I look forward to watching weekly or whatever, I watch once and thats it, yet others I watch over and again. Like a good novel really, some you read the story and thats enough but others suck you back in again and again. My favourites are the ones quite often my soundtrack to crafting as well as if I'm taking a mental health day under the duvet. In no particular order here they are, complete with some of my favourite clips courtesy of youtube for the uninitiated... 
  1. Blackadder.  I recently discovered that I know several people who have never watched any Blackadder. This is a situation I intend to rectify as soon as possible - even if I have to resort to Clockwork Orange style cinema viewing. Although everyone thinks of it as Richard Curtis, even he says its really Ben Elton at his best - Elton being a history nut with a talent for satire.

    My favourite all time episode is Ink and Incapability from the Third series, set in the Regency, but if you only watch one episode, make it the last ever episode Goodbyeeee. Depicting a Captain Blackadder leading his troops "over the top", out of the trenches towards the German guns in 1917. Its the perfect example of what made the series great: serious history mixed with satirical commentary and men with pants on their heads, pencils up their noses and saying "wibble". WATCH.

  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When I was 8, me and El Papa went into Blockbuster and asked for the original movie. I can still remember the clerk saying to my dad something along the lines of so your daughter has a crush on Luke Perry. Hell no... I was vampire obsessed. Yes I was THAT kid. And I remember, still that kid, the TV show turning up and loving it, and its still great viewing now. Its often asked why it never won an Emmy - its simple, the name. Look past that and there are some stellar episodes, and again, satire. Joss Whedon is one of those people with a little bit of a wonky world view and it comes across in all his shows, but Buffy, to me, is still his masterpiece. Underneath the fantasy world stuff is some really good telly. Everyone lately raves about True Blood, but I watch that and I see HBO doing Buffy. No disrespect to Charlaine Harris and the source material, but think about it - PG-13 True Blood and its really similar. If only Buffy had naked Alexander SkarsgÄrd ... then it would be perfect.

    Best Episode, too many, but The Body stands out as a really stunning (read robbed of an Emmy) episode.

  3. Father Ted. A gloriously surreal comedy about the priests of Craggy Island parish in Ireland. One a bumbling idiot, one a drunk, and the other just ..well... Ted. He's at times oh so very sacrilegious, and that money was only resting in his account, but he has to wrangle the other two and the mad housekeeper who is obsessed with tea. You'll have a cup won't you? Oh go on! And don't forget the locals! If I told you more I'd be giving away plotlines but Ted really is the only normal person on the Island, but to be honest, to call him normal is pushing it.

    Best Episode, again hard to call. But Song for Europe and Cigarettes, Alcohol and Rollerblading are serious contenders. 

  4. Jonathan Creek. Apologies for the alteration but Jonathan Creek is the ultimate retro geek. He lives in a windmill  filled with Victoriana, and is obsessed with the conjurers and mentalists of the 19th Century. Which makes him able to see how the hell a person was killed in a locked room, or a painting disappeared, or someone was in two places at once. But hes not really that into it, he more often than not gets press-ganged into helping by his "glamorous assistants", who are usually much more invested than him in figuring it out, but hes the one with that wonky world view. Its got that thing that makes you watch re-runs of murder she wrote or diagnosis murder. Only it's a bit darker, and of course theres the magic geek thing, but thats what makes it stand out from the other murder mystery shows to me.

    Best Episode? Its hard one to pick but the Easter special a few weeks back The Clue of the Savant's Thumb has a place in my heart, but maybe thats because I haven't seen it 100,000 times, so I'm still at the stage of trying to pick out all the little clues.

  5. How I Met Your Mother. It was a toss up between this and the Simpsons, but that's a "duh" so HIMYM it is.  The premise is Ted is telling his future kids how he met their mother, but really its just "dumb stuff me and my mates did in New York".

    You have Ted, who even in his 20's was the embarrassing dad, Robin the Canadian career girl who is pretty much a bloke (into cigars, guns, strippers etc) Marshall and Lily the annoying cute couple and Barney, the ultimate batchelor. I know, you think thats Joey from friends, but its not. Trust me. Barney wins, he is Legend-wait for it-dary. Very funny, very sweet and occasionally you get that "big life lesson" type story, after all he is narrating to his kids, but it works.

    Mr O reckons me and him are Marshall and Lily, which if  you watch it might make a few things click in how I describe our life, because we really are! It really is too hard to pick a best episode. The occassional ones with music are good, so I pick the best musical number. Robin's youth as a teen popstar gives some good ones, but I love Barney, so my best song is this.. because nothing suits Barney like a suit.
    What about you? What shows do you like on the gogglebox if your having a duvet day? Shows, not films ( I might do my list of those later)

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