Bleach Fantastic!

Firstly, I swear to god I am not sponsored by Crafty Mag, I just subscribe. Because this is yet another idea from Crafty.

But also not. When I was in high school way to bloody long ago it the thing to have canvas army surplus satchels and bleach designs into them. I can't believe how doing it to shirts in the same way never occured to me. Then again high school was along time ago!

Crafty used the famous "Roads?" quote from Back to the Future. Awesome film but I wasn't feeling it for my shirt. I decided instead to embrace my geek and use a quote from the awesome Dresden Files.

If you're a fan you'll know it immediately as the chant from Butters that kept the Zombie T-rex Sue going strong. If you aren't a fan, for gods sake whats stopping you. Is a zombie Dino not enough for you people!!

Very funky no?

Crafty did it a bit differently from me, and drew/wrote the design in tailors chalk directly into the shirt. I have wonky eyes and with a text design I wanted the spacing and sizing to match so I printed out the quote first and cut it out as a stencil. This I then taped (with a bit of help getting it straight from El papa who is staying at the mo) where I wanted it on the shirt

Then I sort of bashed the side for a stick of chalk (normal stuff cos I have loads) against the stencil until the chalk was visable enough for me. This gave a much cleaner sided mark than rubbing or anything like that. Once thats done, rip off the stencil and you have an image pretty much exactly like that it will look like - just in chalk.

Then, the fun bit. Put a board/cardboard/something inside the shirt to stop the bleach getting to the back. I used my a3 cutting board and that worked perfect. Then, using a paint brush, paint over the chalk design with bleach.

Go lightly, you can always go over and touch with more bleach, but too much and you're stuffed. As you can see, some bits bleached better than others, but its no problem to even out. I ended up going back to touch up about 3 times, but even still it didn't take more than 30

Once you are happy, leave it to dry out, then wipe away any chalk with a damp cloth. If there are still more gaps you missed, just go back. But thats it. in no time at all. It honestly took more time to cut out the stencil than to do the bleach painting, so if you're into free-style, its no time at all.

Waldo Butters & Sue would be proud! 

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