Experiments in Papercutting

So I decided when I grow up I want to be Rob Ryan.

Papercutting seems to be the big thing right now, thanks I think to Mister Rob being truely awesome. I LOVE his stuff, my desktop wallpaper is his work at the moment. I know I will never be that good but I have some ideas on how to be a Rob inspired me.

But this requires practice and refining an art I ... urm... don't actually HAVE yet. I recently picked up a copy of Emily Hogarth's "Crafters Guide to Paper Cutting" which demented in me the desire to be Mister Rob, not least by reminding me I used to cut shapes out of ANY scrap paper I found when I was little. I'm obviously born to this. That, or I was destructo kid.

Of course, being me, I had a quick read (looked good) and headed straight for the templates. Get stuck in there say I!! I started with a fairly middling difficulty card idea. I photo copied it, trimmed to size, and
found a piece of card left over from my lovely loo signs a few weeks back and taped both together and to my cutting board, ready to rock with my swann morton.

That would be my first mistake I think. Paper on thick card, not so good. But tracing the pattern itself, not a problem - the blade was maybe a bit dull, so I changed blade, but still the card was a wee bit too thick for this kind of project. No worries we all know for next time thick paper stock not card.

Took a bit longer than I thought, but was also a bit easier. The template looked quite complex but in reality it wasn't so daunting when you took it shape at a time. It became teardrops and triangles and it was much easier.

The only exception was circles. ALOT harder to do while moving the blade and not the paper - but thats also harder when the paper is taped to an A2 board. Whoops! Still not too hard with this pattern once you work out a way to move your wrist, as the are small. Larger ones and i think I would have had to have had some fun attempting to "move the paper".

I ended up with a fairly acceptable flower cut from blue card, and a similarly suitable flower in (once turned over) pale pinky purple. Only one thing to do with them really... out with the card blanks and the spray mount!

Lets just hope it eventually bloody dries, its been over an hour already!! DOH!!!!

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