Its been a Jubilant June, & I've been busy...

Listening to... The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Some reviews I read found it jarring, but I really like it I have to be honest. A really nice mix of old and new styles. Standout tracks - Lana Del Ray and Jack White's "Love is Blindness" 

The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Awesome, but with two problems. Firstly it begs to be devoured, and secondly it's much too short! I took it on holiday and finished it before we landed, stupid fast reader me. It is glorious thou, I want to go find Hempstock Farm and the ocean (I'm in sussex after all!). This book sings of childhood past and forgotten, growing up and older, and losing that spark of wonder in childhood that makes reality seem like magic. I'm counting the days until I've forgotten just enough to re-read it and experience that wonder again.

Watching... Man of Steel. Henry Cavill looking mighty fine - check. Christopher Nolan - check. Superman in any form - well DUH! I'm a bit of a Superman nut, helped or rather caused by Supergirl. See I was a kid when it came out, and she was awesome, blonde and called Cara, just like me!! Anyway loving the new movie, and the new superman ain't half nice either.

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Lusting after... these glorious craftydermy deer heads from The Cat in the Shoe. Another Craftaganza find I regretted not having the money for at the time. I need one of these - they are so cute!! I even have the spot on the wall earmarked already.

Photo taken from "The Cat in the Shoe" etsy shop
Rocking my... "twinkbat" tote! I told you there would be more about the printing day at Super+Super and this is it. A while back, while doodling, I decided I, as in me, needed a logo. My nickname is a portmanteau of the old pets names, and really makes no sense. Or didn't until now!! Behold the pink wonder that is my bag. I love it. It goes everywhere with me, and goes with every outfit!

My life. That's the thing I find about holiday's, they can remind you of the way you wish your life was day to day. It was me and Mr O's fourth wedding anniversary this month, and its been a good four years together, but also a crappy four years. So we've both scrubbed up, washed down and looking a at it all a new. I also applied for my dream job which.... drum roll please....I didn't get, not because I wasn't awesome with the knowledge or a fit for the team, I was told I was perfect in that sense. It was simply because I don't have any self confidence, which is something I used to have in droves. Time to scrub off the crud and get back to me. And re-apply like they asked ...

rockin' work, 2011 style
Stalking... Caleigh-ill. Found her stall at Craftganza just before we went on holiday and picked up a sasquatch mug for my father-in-law. I had to, the lumberjack** it was hugging looked eerily like him (much admired and universally decided was WAY under-priced!). Now I can't stop regretting that I only picked up that, every time I see the mug I mentally thump myself. Her artwork is so amazing, and her etsy shop is full of glorious bits. Buy it all, just leave me a Squashed Fox iPhone 4s case for when I get paid ok?? deal???
Munching... an awful lot. Come on! I went to Rome on holiday, of course I've been pigging out. There was the pizza, the pasta, the gelato. We discovered, luckily around the corner from our digs, a bar doing some amazing Italian craft beer and some good food, No Au , and the wonderful Gelateria del Teatro ai Coronari and their amazing raspberry and garden sage gelato. I may now be the size of a small humpback whale but OH MY GOD was it worth it.


Next month I solemnly promise to...

Get it together and start the big project I have planned in my head now there is that thing called TIME.

However warm it gets, and however nice it tastes... not to eat Gelato three times a day. Forgivable while in Rome, at home... not so much. Less Audrey Hepburn more Miss Piggy.

to be continued ...

**I am informed the lumberjack is called Vlad, thou arround here he's still known as Grandpa

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