Lino Printing

Firstly, not has hard as you might think.

Again, Lino printing was one of those things that took up a double period art class back in the day and was thought of as cool and then totally forgotten. But when I saw the lovely ladies at Super+Super were doing a print workshop including some lino printing I thought why not.

As it happened, not really the best day for it for me, with little Dylan being born the day before. But then I had been lacking inspiration for the "art print" section of the day. Other-auntie's awesome "portrait" of the little man proved to a last minute entrance.

Lino printing itself is pretty easy. It is in essence the opposite of stencil cutting. Instead of removing where you want the colour, you remove where you don't want it. Think potato printing in steroids. And using a persons face isn't so hard. I find a good cheat when using a photo of inspiration is playing with levels and filters with photo editing software until you can see the essential "lines" of the image. Then print, trace, and transfer onto the lino and cut.

 Amy's tip that I don't recall from school was to trace your line with a scalpel to get clean lines before using the cutters to remove the lino. Its a good one, and all I can say otherwise is health and safety first with the blades, but give it a go. Getting the ink on you can use a roller, or like we did at the weekend a sponge and (in my case for detailed bits) a paintbrush.

 So I had at the end of the day an unusual baby gift for Mum and Dad - and hopefully an investment piece that'll be worth a fortune when I'm a famous artist. Or not.

In the spirit of full disclosure, El Grandpapa used to be an Art and Design lecturer, so I had a lot wee bit of help with the framing. These are not my hands, or my jumper.

We framed him up using am ikea clipframe I had lying about and two colours of card, using blue and green to compliment his quilt. I wonderfully cut the mount myself.. honest.

Here he is in all his glory, my lino printed nephew Dylan.

**also made on my print day was an awesome tote bag and some wrapping paper...
but more on those later. TTFN x

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