Passion Play

I've been pretty terrible the last week or so with posting. I had plans, grand plans for this month, but what with 'lil Dylan, the invasion of the parents and Mr O's obligation its been a busy week for me.

Mr O's obligation being the local passion play - broadly interpreted as a play depicting the life of Jesus. I'm not religious, but Mr O is, so I give my support - good wifey and so on. That said, and my prejudice excluded (what with my sister-in-law directing etc) it was pretty damn good.

I took ten thousand an awful lot of photos, all on my flickr, if you fancy a gander, and the official site is here. I was so chuffed, personally at how it went down. In the end a lot of people from town came and enjoyed, and a few detractors (who thinking me sympathetic I think) where thinking it funny to interrupt and sabotage the Crucifixion scenes thought better of it. I won't go on and on, but it was good and I'm honestly really proud of some of my photos. LOVE my new camera (especially pinhole mode) !!!

And now Holiday! I have a post or two scheduled to go out when we're away but otherwise its radio silence for next week or so... Rome here I come!

Ciao Bella!! 

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