Quick skirt revamp.

We all have one, admit it. Thanks to the blissful hope of a warm summer, or getting away to the beach, we all have one of those maxi skirts. You know the ones. Most often white, thin fabric, you must wear flesh or matching knickers under it.

Yes, that one.

I have two. I have a glorious mustard yellow and the prerequisite white. Both charity shop bargains and great for the sun. The mustard one, being a bit large for me, sits lovely and has some swing to it. The white, not so much. It was lacking. It needed a bit of something.

So I added some bias tape to the hem. Completely changed the way the hem hangs. It now hangs away from my legs in long loops. It wont be straight, refused point blank to hang limply.

I love it, a sucessful revamp of a 50p skirt for £3 worth of binding and 20 minutes work.

Now we just need for it to be my holiday!!

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