The Nephew Surprise Quilt

He is here and he is GORGEOUS. The only reason I haven't stolen him is that I'm planning to lure him in later life with cake and biscuits. Every small boy will abandon his parents for cake right??

ANYWAY, back to the quilt. He loves it, he didn't say it but I know. Its not perfect, but its perfect enough for use. Its not art after all its craft. It still looks AMAZING thou

So not perfect, but good enough for functional. I didn't have a walking foot, so a few places where the fabric has bunched. I also could have basted better. I adore the back fabric, El Papa had a love bug when we were little. Fun times cramped in the back with my brother the wiz.

*note the wrinkles where the pattern seems to be "jumping" a bit. Not wrinkles unfortunately*

I picked the fabrics to try and hark back to childhood - the wiz's and his wife's. Strawberry picking in the yard with her sister, the wiz's space ships and desire for his son to have a train set. Our Grandpa the vet and his menagerie. Woodland romps on both sides. Octopuses on my head. YES I REMEMBER YOU DOING THAT TO ME!! Thanks to the Eternal Maker for your fantastic prints, they nearly bankrupted me but they are awesome.

The squares were 4x4 inches, with the exception of the train, which was just 4 inch wide strips the length of the print. I had 6 fat quarters, so a total of 1.5 meters for the patchwork bit. I then a meter of the stars and 2 meters of the love bugs. Yes, alot of fabric!

Batting/Wadding wise I bought a pre-cut Cot sized pack from Amazon. I wanted something that didn't need pre-washing, and with the small floorspace pre-cut was best. As it was it took up the whole floor!!

My best advise on quilting is google. Read alot of different how-to's and decide what works for you. I read a lot of The Pink Button Tree , a few others I read, ingested and didn't really bookmark. While I would buy a walking foot next time out, It wasn't too bad without it. The best thing I did use was a patchwork foot. It makes it MUCH easier to keep to a 5mm
seam allowance.

The other tip I must pass on is masking tape. Its great for marking out your quilting lines. And, if you accidently sew over the tape, it peels off and any bits stuck in the stitch will come out with washing no problem.

Otherwise the only thing to share is to say do it. Don't be scared, yes they take along time - especially accurately cutting the patches - but they are otherwise easy to sew and so lovely and rewarding at the end. It won't be anytime soon, but I can definitely see myself making another.

And as for nephew, well he now has a lovely quilt. One for Saturday morning cartoons and fort making. A quilt for use as a raft on shark infested floors and for long car journeys down to deep dark Devon, and wet Wales. Good for all things and snugly and warm.

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