5 Things I need to make

You know how it is, you see something and you feel that NEED to make it. So you bookmark the site, hit the like button or fold down the corner of the page. And then you kinda forget until you come across it again and do the "ooh I NEED to make this" dance all over again.

Here are my 5 favourites, for inspiration and also motivation. Seeing them here might be more encouragement to actually get them done.

image from http://lazydaisyjones.blogspot.co.uk

These lovely crochet-covered hangers on Lazy Daisy Jones. This one I intend to make as soon as I have some suitable hangers. Honest. Cross my heart.

from @ChausCakes
Deco Roll cake. There just look awesome, basically it seems you use different colours of cake batter, draw a pattern in one on your swiss roll tin, freeze, then cover in the other batter and bake. And you end up with a very very pretty cake. No icing required which is good because me with a piping bag almost never ends pretty.  As a Ghibli nut its got to be a totoro one!! 

honorably pinched from Craftymag.com
Blackboard Mugs. Saw these lovely ladies on the Crafty Mag Blogroll and decided I needed them in my life. I have paint, I know where to get cheap mugs. I have yet to get of my arse and do it. No other excuse, just lazy.

honorably pinched from Craftymag.com

Pretty Pictures. Not a make I know, but I so want to try this. Another one from Crafty Mag. Seriously, the facebook page can be awesome for inspiration/generally cool stuff like this.

Tilly and the Buttons' Picnic Blanket Skirt

The Skirt.  I really want to make this skirt that Tilly has on her site, just slightly NOT with the brave enough yet. Eventually I will be, and I'm thinking black with multi-coloured buttons. Or a really retro floral. Or.... 

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