All crew to Blogging Stations!!!

Ok yeah I've been watching too much Star Trek, but I've also been doing up my new desk.

Well, not so much a desk, more of a writing bureau, but it works here in the space we have. I wanted something with a bit of storage space, that would fit my laptop, but when I wasn't typing up a storm would just look pretty. Most I found were too big for the space I needed it to live in, or WAY out of my price range. Then I found it, lurking in the depths of eBay.

It was just the right size*, it was a totally shabby chic nightmare, but it had potential. And more importantly no one else wanted it. First and only bid and it was mine

Now, that asterisk was not a typo. The listing said it was the right size, unfortunately it wasn't until I got it home I realised that the listing wasn't entirely correct. It was close enough that it looked it, but BUYER BEWARE, measure your furniture when you go to collect. We really liked it thou and so we think we can make it work. Its just a bit too close to the heater. The plan is to build some sort of storage to fit behind it so it sits against that rather than the wall to give the heater a bit more space around it. But thats later, once we need to stick the heater on... this is now....

Not quite all done, I'm hoping to get the lovely sewing box I want for my birthday (which is the end of next month if you are going to get my anything... I like chocolate and beer and pretty things!!) so all the sewing bits on the shelf will go in there then swap places with the printer. Then the top can have more decorative items on it.

The paint job was inspired by 60's fitted kitchens. I left the edges the white they were as although worn, it looks good now the doors have been painted. Paint wise all I know is its a cornflower blue eggshell - our lovely Dave works in a decorators merchant, so we told him the colour and just got us the right stuff for the job. I know everyone has a friend Dave, but everyone should really have a Dave who knows paint. Its invaluable!

I had a few rolls of shelf liner, one of which had blue flowers, so that got utilised to cover the very not-to-my-taste "Laura Ashley wallpaper", so the inside is all floral and teak loveliness. Did I mention this was solid teak and only cost me £20??

In my stash of goodies I also have a lovely fat quarter of Momo for moda fabric that I am still figuring out the best way to use as a new "felt" for the flip-down, as the old one has been ripped out, and has left scars, so something needs to go there. I'm thinking stitch it onto a bit of felt then stick down with some double sided tape. As I said I'm still trying to work that out.

I've put it on to give you an idea of my plans. As you can see I am fully utilising the little shelves, and it perfectly fits my laptop. I love it, I just need to stop looking at her lovingly and start making stuff again!

Where do you do your making? How do you store your "stash" of crafting goodies?

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