Craft beer... supermarket style

It is said, often, that life is too short to drink cheap wine. Its very true, and frequent wine drinkers are aware that often those mass produced brand wines are a bit crap. The idea that there is an art to wine has been accepted for years, and wine is the drink for people who care about that kinda stuff, right? the drink you think about flavours with?? That's true, but so is beer, or it can be.

Beer is forgotten amongst alot of the young in terms of flavour. Ales and those beers that come in casks rather than funky bottles or with eye-catching ad campaigns have long been considered, at least when I was in my early twenties dear god that makes me feel old, as the "old mans" drink. Mostly. accepted, probably because "hip" pubs didn't serve them. But now with the resurgence of the micro-brewery and craft beers, its beginning to get life again.
Mr O is in shock. "you mean this is crafty beer!?!?!!!"

 Now.. in the interests of full disclosure.. we own a brewery. Or rather Mr O invested in Brewdog's "Equity for Punks Scheme" so I suppose I have a bit of an interest. But its also what got us thinking. On holiday we found the glorious bar I told you of, but we get home and there is no where really close to us that we can nip out for a quick, nice pint. We are lucky enough to have a craft brewery owned pub nearby - but in all honesty - its not as welcoming an atmosphere as I'd hope, and anyway, sometimes you want a decent pint while at home, on the sofa, watching "The Apprentice" right?

Gone are the days of needing a good local offie to get a good drink - and gone are the days when we had time to scout around for one. So here are my picks for the best "craft" beers you can pick up in your local Tesco/Sainsburys etc or easily add to your next order.

It can be hard to get a decent pint, if like me you are far from those lovely small shops and bars all the other foodies and beer lovers seem to have down the road. I don't know where they live but I'd like to be there. Anyway.... our current favourites from the supermarket are
INNIS & GUNN ORIGINAL Apparently this started life as a brew made to flavour oak barrels for a whiskey maker, and then to be discarded. By happy accident it was found that it actually made the beer AWESOME. A really nice light beer, but with a real deep flavour which leaves that tingle and honeyed whiskey aftertaste on your tongue. I guess we know where that flavour comes from eh? the oak barrels!! £1.79 for 330ml,  6.6%

BLUE MOON A North American craft beer, its essentially a wheat beer in the tradition of Hoegaarden and the great Belgian beers.  A nice, light drink, good with curry (apparently there is coriander in the brew). £1.79 for 355ml or 4 pack for £4.99, 5.4%

BROOKLYN LAGER Styling itself as a "Pre-prohibition beer", this is a really nice, simple brew. No fancy ingredients or subtle bizarre flavours like some, just a really rich smooth beer. It has shades of an IPA, and is more of a rich, warm, malty lager than usual. £1.79 for 355ml 5.2%

PUNK IPA I had to put a Brewdog gem in here, and given the heat it had to be the Punk IPA. I usually go for the more warming ones like 5am Saint & some of the limited edition brews, but in the heat the Punk is nice. Light and fruity, its an easy drink that packs a nice punch. £1.67 for 330ml 5.4%

BATH ALES GEM Speaking of Gems, this is one worth picking up in Waitrose. Me and Mr O discovered this while down in the west country on a jaunt, and were very happy to find it in Waitrose a few months later. Deep and bitter-sweet, this is a really lovely drink. Definitely one for the colder months thou! £1.97 for 500ml 4.8%

Have you got any favourite brews, discovered in the recesses of the supermarket? Share them below in the comments and I might just have to try them!!


  1. Making me thirsty reading this - actually tried the Blue Moon a while back - thinking it was gonna a a "bud lite" monstrosity cos it was from the US - but couldnt be more wrong - tasted brilliant.

  2. its such a nice easy drink that one, especially in this heat wave we are having at the moment! US "microbrew" beers, as they call it, make bud look like the abomination it is - alot of them are excellent!

    We got an email today about some new brewdog specials out we are going to have to try, and we are always up for taking a punt on something Do you have any favourites that you'd recommend??