Introducing Gordon

I have a life form in my living room that Mr O has christened Gordon. I worry about how he is doing while we are out at work, and think what he'll be like when he's older. No, I've not kidnapped a baby or got a new pet. We are making wine.

Raspberry wine to be exact. Twitter followers will be more than aware that I've been thinking about it for a while now. Not a large scale operation, but the odd demijohn or two, so I've been slowly putting together my materials - or shall that read scouring the boot sales for demijohns. In my favorite little charity shop near work I picked up a retro wine making book, and set to work.

The retro recipes I like more than some of the modern ones. Back in Print now, "Drink Your Own Garden" doesn't seem to rely on grape extracts and so forth - its more using what you've grown (or in my case picks up cheap/knicked from the father-in-laws garden) to make good wine in a thrifty fashion. I'm a raspberry fiend so we started with her basic raspberry recipe.

Gordon is 1.4kg of Raspberries covered with 5 pints of boiling water,. When its cool, add 1 1/2 camden tablets and 1tsp of pectin enzyme, then leave for 2 days. Stir occassionally if you think it needs it, but otherwise cover it and leave it alone. After 2 days, strain and press out all the juice, and put in a clean fermenting bucket (or other food safe bucket with lid), making up to 6 pints with cooled boiled water if its needed.  As you can see, I used a salad spinner to help me drain, its ALOT of raspberries to press out - be aware.

Heat up 2 pints of water with 1.4kg of sugar, until you have a nice syrup. Cool this down, then add to the Raspberry juice,  then add wine yeast and nutrient according to the instructions on their packets. Cover well and leave for 4 days

After then, transfer to a demijohn and fit a bung and airlock.  Which is currently where we are, Gordon's Alive, and brewing in the corner. We've got to wait for him to start clearing when we will rack (more on that when I do it) and leave to clear completely before bottling. Six months later It'll be drinkable

Yes, six months. Its not a fast thing by any means, but hopefully it'll be worth it. I'll keep you all posted on Gordon's progress.

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