It's a sweltering July, and while not melting I've been...

Listening to...  Boys for Pele. An oldie but a goodie. Reminds me of being a teenager, sunbathing with my headphones in while reading comics graphic novels in the garden. Yes I was that geek. Still a great album.

Reading... Greedy Man in a Hungry World. Jay Rayner telling us how it really is in the world of food prodcution. It sounded good and he wouldn't shut up on the old twitter about it being reduced on Amazon, so I gave it a go. Not finished yet, but its a good read.

And apparently it's still on special offer in the kindle store.

Watching... Not a great deal, been too busy enjoying the sun, thank god for Sky+ thou, its all saved for the wet winter we no doubt have arriving immanently. So I guess mostly watching the sun over the sea while having some very nice IPA and barbecuing my dinner. Bliss.

Lusting after... writing bureaus. So many lovely ones out there, and a really good solution for a desk if you are a laptop user. After 3 weeks or looking for a bargain, I managed to get one for a bargainous £20 in the end and I've been...
...Pimping... My gorgeous new desk. From "shabby chic" nightmare to glorious retro blueness with just one tin of paint and stuff lying about. Now I have blogging space (and my craft stuff isn't everywhere) and it looks pretty!!

Rocking my... home made dress(es)! In this heat they've been brilliant. And I'm loving the compliments from random people on my black flamingo version. Even had a lady at a car boot sale ask me where I got it. Score!

Stalking... Thrifty blogs. I usually walk the line between being tight and blowing it all (and then feeling guilty because I overspend) so I've been reading and finding some pretty good ideas and deals on shopping and so on. Before I've felt a bit daunted by some of the extreme thrift or couponing sites. You know, the ones that you feel are going to judge you for daring to buy something full price. A Thrifty Mrs is totally different, and even did a blog this month on how that sort of thing is not her. Thrift really is just how our grandmothers used to balance the household budget, embrace it. Lemonade Budget is also a favourite.

my piggy bank is overflowing thanks to all the thrifty!! 

Munching... or rather drinking lots of beer. Its been beer weather, and of course I HAD to do some proper research for my post. Remind myself of how it tastes, you know how it is. We also got a delivery of some new brews from Brewdog. Ikea lovers will likely have tasted Lingonberry, well they've now done a lingonberry ale. Its lush, or at least I think so. Mr O doesn't exactly agree but that just means more for meeeeeee.

Next month I solemnly promise to...

Do amazingly at my first craft fair. Oh yes, my mother-in-law is in charge of one and got me to sign up. I know I can't exactly promise to own it, but I'm going to be cocky and over confident and proclaim that I will anyway!!

Give Mr O a bit more training in fashion photography! If you've got any tips I can pass on to him, let me know

to be continued ...

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