Some assembly required...

I want to start by staying I <3 Murano glass.

Its such a lovely thing, done right. Some of the styles I see, especially in the touristy areas, are a bit of a "miss". That said, I really wanted some this holiday. I had a mind for a ring, and some earrings.

Well, with my engagement diamonds needing some *coughrepairworkcough* TLC, Mr O plumped for a lovely ring. Its gorgeous, a big blue swirly one, some glittery bits. I love it it looks like a big whirlpool. But the earrings were harder.

I don't begrudge a crafter a good price for an item by any means, but the tourist spots weren't crafters. Add to that, I couldn't find studs I liked, and, honestly, they all seemed a bit pricey for what they were, that being tiny, and we were trying to have a bargain break! But down the road from our hotel there was a small glass shop that had an amazing bead section. Now they may be drilled beads, but they are flat and so closely resemble little cabochons I didn't realise they were. At only €1 each and finding a matching pair I liked, it had to be done. I've made some simple stud earrings before, and I already have some stud backs so it seemed like a bargain to me.

wow! that's one sexy earlobe!!
 A bit of glue, and voila!!!!

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