Starting my Me-Made Wardrobe..

I take it all back, I've been inspired!

After watching "The Great British Sewing Bee" I was curious. It was Mark that got me. The guy who hadn't done zips before. So I started googling. I read a few blogs, including Tilly's , and watched Zoe's Me-Made-May with interest. Figured I'd give this making my own wardrobe thing a go.

I've shared a few little bits  - my bleached tee and trimmed skirt - both thing's I'd done variants of in my sewing-machine-deficient youth. Not quiet so scary. But I had more advanced plans. I'm not brave enough to attempt patterns yet, but re-fashioning? I'm there!

Firstly.. well yeah, its been warm. So I needed a summer dress, obviously, and one with maximum flesh exposure for that gorgeous "warm to the bones" feeling.  I found this tutorial and about two meters of gorgeous willow pattern/delftware like fabric in a charity shop for £1.99. I have loads of vest tops so Sunday morning I knocked up this baby.

Not bad for a couple of quid and an hour odd on a Sunday morning eh?? 

I had my problems, I have a wonky ribcage due to my scoliosis, so I really should have fitted it on me before sewing so it truely did sit "right" all the way around, as after all thats what made-to measure is for right? It 's straight, I'm not, and I'm a perfectionist.  Also, using the machine to do the gather was a nightmare. I gave up and did it by hand - much easier, although the gather isn't very even. Not bad for a first go, and again, not too noticeable. With a belt or cardi they are invisible, and I'm a belt girl who gets cold, so it works. If I could be bothered to unpick it I could fix them, but seeing as its unlikely I won't have my 'accessories', I can't see the point, as its totally gorgeous without all that extra effort.

I have a plan for a flamingo version thou, and I'll spend more time and get that one perfect ! And I intend to remember to take photos of the process next time!!

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