Cliché alert...

I know its the worst blogging cliche in the world, but sorry its been radio silence for the last week or so.

And sorry for saying it.

Its been a weird month so far. I've had this craft fair I've been talked into. Hermit-ville and the safety of the computer screen/barrier is soon to be eliminated. I'm going public. Or at least the stuff I've made will be. Mr. O has been destructo testing a few bits for me this morning - my confidence in my ability to make something that wont fall apart isn't quite there yet. He assures me its all fine. So I will have a tiny stall here

The other thing is my Nanna past away. Its not been nice and it sure as hell isn't simple. So as well as an apology for the apology for the lack of blogging - there might be a bit more lacking over the few weeks. Alot to sort out and stuff.

My Nanna was awesome. Sadly, she never knew that I made all this stuff - she had dementia - but she would have loved it. She was once a tailor - helped me make my first ever handmade skirt (or rather stitched it for me) and she knitted and everything. She tried to teach me to knit but the needles, urm, well they were a bad plan for me. Turns out I'm better with hooks.  But I did LOVE the jumpers she knitted me.

My Nanna, master knitter of awesome jumpers.

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