A Cuppa with my name on it

Tea, Coffee.. whatever you put in your mug, having a mug full of something to keep you going when you craft is an essential. And there are pinterest boards FULL of ways to jazz up your morning cuppa, but this idea had my name on it from the first time I saw it.

Its got a blackboard see.

Every time I saw a version of the blackboard cup anywhere, I would go all gushy and make Mr O. look and critic it. Obviously he'd had enough I got a pot of porcelain chalkboard paint for my birthday last month.

A trip to everyone's favourite Swedish shop later and I was ready to attempt my own. Two things - I
obviously need better masking tape. Mine sucks, and I got very dodgy lines when I took it off. It is possible to scratch off the paint and clean up the odd mark before you bake the mug to set the paint.

The other is that I found it really easy to get a clean, if wonky, line with a bush. I really am cack handed with paint so if I managed it, it must be easy. This now known, next time I'm seeing a wavy blackboard sea rising up the mug. But for a first attempt from me, it's not a pad paint job.

It takes NO TIME to touch dry, so go for lots of thin coats rather than thick coats for a smoother look. Then put aside for at least 24 hours to fully dry and then bake. I left it until next time I needed to use the oven and popped them in while it was heating. 35 minutes on 150c later and I have a mug with my name.. or at least my order.. written on it in a very fetching blue chalk.

Tea anyone????

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