Chutney Daze

Its properly Autumn now. Sorry people I'm calling it. Not least because I am sat here typing in a jumper and slippers!!

The good thing this time of year is, thanks to my reputation as a crafty cook, I keep getting given fruit. As well as the "red sauce" (still not sure what it is!!) there's a new wine bubbling in the corner (my own recipe too! will blog that when I know it worked!!) and I'm trying to come up with new and unusual ways to use my free fruit. I've made a lovely tomato balsamic chutney with more of my free tomato. Currently maturing in the cupboard I'm dying to try it in a few weeks.

so many tomatoes!! 
My latest haul is a good few kilos of cooking apples from my boss. Sod crumbles or pies I had plans for these. I grew up with a cooking apple tree in my back garden and I've made pretty much everything you can make from apples, even jam. Most people that know me also know the story of the juice that my mum made when we were little - the stuff that went alcoholic before she realised , and after me and my brother had drunk most of it!! 

I was racking my brains for a something new, and it stuck me I had NEVER made an apple chutney. I KNOW RIGHT?!! My grandpa used to make it and we always had pots, then my brother had a tree and made some. He left that place a few years ago and he still has a few jars, so there has always been someone else whos job that was. I've got a copy of Salt, Smoke, Sugar back in April and I've barely opened it, so I thought I would use her recipe for Apple and Date Chutney and kill two birds with one stone.

I got a lot more chutney than the recipe said it would yield - I think possibly because "wild" versus "farmed" apples hold a lot less water or something. So I had a few jars to distribute to the family. Who were unable to wait to try it.

I have to say that even without ageing its pretty nice. I'm going to give ours the recommended sitting time and report back. Same with the tomato, which was my own recipe. If it tastes as nice as I think I am looking forward to ALOT of crusty bread/goats cheese/chutney action over the winter.

Anyone else been storing the harvest? As well as chutney, we've got another few bottles of my fab Sloe Rum on the go. I also found another bottle of gin from last year still sitting with the Sloes in the back of the cupboard that needs decanting. Can't WAIT to see how that tastes after a year.

What have you been squirrelling for winter??

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