Happy Birthday to me...

I'm 29 now. It can't be true it just can't. I swear it was only last week I was 18.

We have a birthday week around here. I'm a smart lady you see, and I married a bloke who's birthday is a week before mine. No excuse to forget and we party up for the whole week. I never really was one for birthdays (they go tits up for me alot) but Mr. O's cheerfulness over them is infectious.

His birthday started with an EPIC monopoly match, with the previously mentioned Beer Batter Maple Bacon Cupcakes and a few more glasses of beer. As is right.. he won in the end the jammy sod  after three long hours of basically every one else ganging up on him! Well, we weren't going to go easy on him because it was his birthday.

The next day off to London for some culture. A nice wander around the Tate followed by a show. I was looking forward to seeing the Lowry exhibit and oh very lucky girl that I am Mr O brought me a Tate membership. A plus guest obviously so I have to take him, but its great cos I can now go back whenever I want and take whoever. We have already established that the going rate for taking advantage of my plus guest is lunch.  The show was awesome too.

Theatre wise we went to see "The Cripple of Innishmann" which is by Martin McDonagh  who wrote In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths. He's a playwright by trade thou and I loved the play. I saw "Beauty Queen of Leenann" as a teenager (which is considered his best ) and I love his films - which are totally different but still very funny. A Skew-wiff look at life with a heart of gold - I love it. And Daniel Radcliffe was good in it too. Its at the end of its run now or I'd say go. Hopefully its been such a success they will put on more revivals of his stuff now.

Then 4 horrible, evil days of work before MY birthday. Woohoo!! Best bit.. Sorry to all the lovely people who got me pressies but it was blatently the nephew cuddles!! He is the coolest little rocker with that mohawk!!

Got some lovely crafty stuff mainly books but YAY!! a screen!! so I can now screenprint at home. And finally some film for my Diana F+ that I got when I subscribed to Crafty Magazine. As a result thou, not so many photos of the day as I was lomo-happy. Once I've got them developed I'll pop a few up. As long as you know, they actually come out! A fab night was had by all thou, hopefully I will get some evidence when I get my film developed. Or not. Oh its oh so 90's!!!

Now that I am 29 I solemnly swear to...  try and make something once a week, even if that something is only a few rows of crochet. Learn another new craft. Go out more and stop being such a hermit!! Make it to London to see art and the nephew at least once every two months (I'm trying to keep this realistic)

Oh... and try more cocktails.

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