Lomography - First takes

With my subscription to Crafty I got myself a very luscious Diana F+ camera. Isn't she GORGEOUS???

Unfortunately she didn't come with film, and if I have a fault its that I'm bloody useless at remembering to get stuff. Mind like a sieve. But I finally got some film, in fact I got three for my birthday so off I snapped

TAKE ONE...... 

So that foggy look? Apparently I didn't keep the film wound tightly enough as I was loading it. The lovely guys at Colourstream in Brighton gave me a few pointers - most of which included ignoring the instructions a bit and fighting the instinct that I was holding the shutter open too long. I wasn't.. I was doing the opposite.  I'm gutted what would have been a lovely shot of my brother's family was too dark but I'm loving the shot of me on the table and of the lovely Ms Ria.

But hey, for a first attempt not too bad, and like I said I got given a few pointers for... TAKE TWO

to be continued....

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