Balsamic Tomato Chutney

One of my favourite things is fresh, home grown tomatoes & red onions in balsamic vinegar dressing. Add a bit of soft goats cheese and I'm in heaven.

So faced with the annual glut of tomatoes from the father-in-law and wanting to try something new I decided to try and make a chutney that would capture that gorgeous flavour, so I can have a bit of sunshine all year

Balsamic Chutney

2kg ripe tomatoes, chopped
1kg ripe cherry tomatos, or tomatos cut into larger chunks.
500g red onions, roughly chopped
150ml red wine vinegar
150ml balsamic vinegar
350g brown sugar
1tsp paprika 
1tbsp dried oregano
large pinch of cayenne
seasoning to taste

Roughly chop the red onion and caramelise in a large pan in a little oil. Add the chopped tomatoes, the red wine vinegar and seasoning. Cook down until thick. 

Dissolve the sugar into the Balsmamic vinegar and add that and the cherry tomatoes to the pan. Taste the "sauce" at this time and see if you want more spicing, then cook down until you have the right consistency  This is when you can run your spoon through the mix and see the bottom of the pan in the channel for a moment before it fills in.  Then fill your sterilised jars and leave to sit for at least two weeks.  

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