Its been a very cultured September.. I've been..

Listening to...  Lots of Jimmy Eat World. Recent love for the new album Damage and re-experiencing some old greats has been the flavour this month. Helped by excitement for seeing them live again in a few months. Its going to be awesome ... or it better be!!

Reading... "Columbine" by Dave Cullen, a really interesting book on the school shooting. The two killers were only a few years older than me and I remember it happening and all the stories surrounding it. It changed school for everyone, I went to a tiny country school, yet after this we had CCTV and all sorts. It was really interesting looking at the psychopathy and the truth behind all the media stories. Its really good in terms of the details surrounding the shooting and accepting and exposing the flaws of the media -which the author conceeds right off that he was part of. Really interesting if you are at all curious.

Watching... Terry Pratchett and friends talking about Discworld and more importantly the new The Watch TV show. Actually most importantly answering fan questions including mine!! Didn't quite get all my question in the video, but if you want the answer to You have parodied various famous historical figures and inventions in the discworld novels, but is there one you would love to use that you have thus far been unable to work in ?", well click and watch! 

Lusting after... gorgeous tan leather bags. You know when you decide you just need that particular thing. Well, yeah, that. But you know, thrift, so I've been trawling the charity shops and eBay all month. Finally, I found (and won) one and today, I got my lovely tan bag in the post! Isn't she purdy?

Pimping my... place with art! Finally cleared the pile of "art I need to frame" and then Mr O buys me a Supergirl comic (first Supergirl centric comic woot!) so now I have a new pile but hey, its a development. My etchings of Amsterdam behind the bed now look awesome instead of sad and in a book keeping themselves flat somewhere.

Rocking my... new glasses. Two new rules in this house as a result of the new eyewear. First is that you must never try on the designer frames unless you can afford them and second, call me Velma or say jinkies and I will smite you. But at least now I can concentrate without headaches.

Stalking... The Light Princess. I got tickets for the previews of this for my birthday, and being previews, aka opening weekend before press night, there weren't (and still aren't) critics reviews. Cue me googling the thing every three minutes to try and find out every tidbit of info on it or any review to convince my doubting husband that this musical was worth his time. Nothing except everyone saying Wow. Having seen it now I also say WOW. Actually more accurately he says wow, I say when can we go again. And when are they bring out the cast recording. I'm not one for musicals usually,subversive ones like Avenue Q, Rocky etc being an exception, but this kinda kicked ass. If anyone would like to be nice and buy a spare ticket when they go, so I can come too (or put me in your handbag) that would be wonderful!

Munching... Burgers. OK,so my memorable munching this month wasn't as cultured and classy as the rest of the months activities, but it was delicious!! The infamous MEATliquor opened in Brighton and, opening weekend being 50% off and the same weekend as Sir Terry, well, it had to be done. I can unreservedly recommend the Buffalo Shrimp. Onion rings not to my taste, but the fries, also excellent, and Dead Hippy burger was phenomenal. And the less said about the cocktails (for my dignity and reputation!!) the better. Would I pay full price. Definitely.  It was so good I forgot to take photos!! Any Brightonians thinking of it, give it a go. My advise is go slightly "off" times if you are worried about the queues. We went in straight after the theatre, which was about 5, and made it in from the back of the queue in about 10 minutes.

Next month I solemnly promise to...

Make at least one incredibly spooky thing... no idea what but I will!

to be continued ...

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