My new obsession...

Did you ever think "Oh, I'd love X, I'd get one but it's so much money!" then you see one second hand or on eBay and decide to take a punt. Or you see one on eBay for a tiny starting price and decide to try your luck getting it cheap.

Well, I love fresh bread, but handmade is an ordeal in somewhere this small, the bakery (as lovely as it is) is a bit expensive for me, and so were breadmakers. Then I saw this beauty with a starting price of 99p and only alittle way down the road.

Luckily no one else had the same idea, and she was all mine for only 99p.

So that is what I have been doing... playing with flour levels and combos and attempting to make the perfect loaf. As gorgeous as she is she had no manual, so I've been trying different recipes. My Mum and my Gran both had breakmakers, so I know the basics, its all about the recipe and I am determined to find the perfect one. 

Do you have a breadmaker? Any favourite recipes??

p.s. how do you like the new look?? 

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