The clocks went back, its been cold & dark & spooky...

... very spooky, and so I've been...

Listening to... What else? The Monster Mash!!! Seriously who doesn't love this

Reading... true crime stuff. I started with a book on Charles Manson and the family and it went from there. Not one for horror in the ghosts and ghouls sense, but serial killers are my kind of scare. You??

Watching... Harry Potter backwards. It wasn't entirely intentional, I fancied watching The Deathly Hallows so I did. Then I thought I'd watch Half Blood Prince, and it devolved from there. Its a good way to watch them as you don't get annoyed after the first two, you are all loved up by the wonderful before you get there so they are much more enjoyable. That is, at least if you are like me and have seen those two more times than is sane.

 Lusting after... all the Christmas jumpers that are now appearing in the shops. I avoided the urge last year but now I feel I NEED one this year.. I just can't decide. These are the two top picks at the minute.

£35 ASOS // £27.99 New Look

Rocking my... birthday crochet. Its just so warm and colourful. The shawl especially is a must have fashion item for sofa lounging.

Pimping... Our coffee table trunk. She had a paint job earlier in the year, now her insides are getting a make over. This is taking time as we can't drink enough beer for all the labels I need but its getting there.

Stalking... Christmas stuff. I'm a firm believer in all the boring stuff being done before December so that the four weeks of advent can be all about the fun stuff. I've even been working on my own decoration tutorial to link up with Bugs and Fishes. Watch this space

Munching... bready things. Well I have to try out the breadmaker don't I! I'm currently trying to perfect a cinnamon rolls recipe. Nearly got it down and its LUSH, can't wait to share it with you guys

Next month I solemnly promise to...

Go for a twilight walk along the beach at least twice. I went to London last week and realised while getting some lush shots of the skyline I realised I haven't got any down the beach lately! Sacrilege!!! Definitely one for the top of the to do list.

Oh and my something spooky?? 

I was told last month I won a competition for some dremel stuff - in fact all the stuff I would need to make some Halloween lanterns out of tin cans, so that was the plan. But it still hasn't shown up! So you'll have to make do with this

Happy Halloween  ...

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