My quiet space

So, I actually made it down the beach with my camera a few days. Its actually been pretty dismal in the amazing twilight skies stakes lately - at least days I've been off work.

No amazing reds or purples, but still a lovely place to sit and think....
 I love the beach huts as the skies get greyer - the bright colours look great against the skies and shingle. Like reminders of the summer heat...

The lagoon next to the beach here has swans, and I was lucky enough to catch the whole family - Mum, Dad and the three signets. You can tell the babies as they still just about have their baby feathers - see how three have grey/brown necks?

It's lovely to have this place just down the road. Its FAB in the summer as we have no garden, but this time of year its great to go down and have a quiet sit. Aside from the dogwalkers, no one else is about. It's my quiet spot.

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