My Renegade Haul

Me and Mr O trundled off to London last weekend, and of course we HAD to stop off at Renegade Craft Fair.

So many pretty things.

... and so many lovely lovely creators.

I was restained, took cards and only brought what I knew I could carry home easily. See, the problem with going on the train at the weekend is rail replacement services! Still, I wish I had got more for me. Too many gorgeous bits for other people.

plate - Jim Bob Art // tea towel - ilovemixtapes // tshirt - Hello Dodo
teacup necklace - i am acrylic // dodo necklace - monsieur monsteur

Lots of lovely crafts and some very talented illustrators, I was very jealous. There was loads of other stuff that I wanted but couldn't justify buying. I so need a bigger house!! But I HAVE to plug the lovely stuff here.. because its so nice (and so if I lose the card I remember!!) 

Cecily Vessey does some glorious London based gifts. I especially liked her glasses with the skyline etched in them. Lush.

Wetpaint had some lovely illustrations, and Helen is so lovely to talk to - I was tempted to get a print for the little man (it even had his name on it!!) but resisted. That said, I think I will eventually commission one, even if only for me, because her stuff is so cute. 

Joy Nevada does some lovely baby grows with animals on them. A definate must give gift to new parents!

Bels Art  really stuck out to me, love her style and illustrations. Nothing I would use in her shop at the moment ( I have too many tote bags and not enough wall space for prints) but definately keeping my eye out for when there is.

Candy Designs  has some gorgeous wooden broaches. I wish I was the type to wear broaches but I'm really not. Still, definitely one that I'm going to keep for present giving purposes! 

I'll definitely be going be going back for the next one! Hopefully I'll see a few of you when I do!!! 

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