Quick Tealight Revamp.

I don't know about you, but lately its been all about Christmas presents. Getting a move on getting stuff made. This has mainly been screen printing more bags and making stuff for Mr O, which does mean I can't share it yet. He's terrible with gifts he'd HAVE to peek.

What I have done, that was really simple, was paint up a few plain glass tea lights I had around the place. I picked up some glass paints in the reduced bin at my local art shop, an thought I'd give them a go. 

Not too shabby, I basically just painted the whole inside and then turned them upside down on some kitchen roll until they were dry. Or rather I thought they were dry. I kept lifting them off so they wouldn't stick to the paper, and that worked, no sticking, but i assumed they were dry before they were so that's why the drips.

However, not bad really. Lessons learned. Shaking the paint up properly before slapping it on is a must, as pretty as the grainy bits look. I'm also definitely going to get me some Cerne Relief. Its the stuff that you see surrounding the painted bits, its usually black or metallic. I'd like to try it, so I'm going to give that a go. But it was much easier than I thought to paint up some simple tea lights, even without it. 

As a quick way to revamp something plain and normal, it really couldn't be easier

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