November has been a wee bit nippy...

... so while keeping warm, when I've braved leaving the blanket, I've been busy...

Reading... "The Magus of Hay" by Phil Rickman. I LOVE the Merrily Watkins books and this is the latest. There may have been a squeal of glee when this showed up on my kindle - I preordered it forever ago. The first book is called "The Wine of Angels" and is well worth a look. I'm a believer in start at the beginning so you.. go... start!! 

Watching...  Thor - The Dark World. What can I say, I am a geek and its a film I can go and see with Mr O that he wants to see (superheroes) and I'll enjoy too (superheroes and Chris Hemsworth).  We've also recently been having his dad over for his dinner while the wife works late, and introducing him to the Marvel back catalogue too, so it really has been a Marvel studios month!!

© marvel studios

Lusting after... More plates from Jim Bob Art. After spending what must have been at least 20 minutes trying to decide between the designs at Renegade Craft, its been decided that a whole set is needed. Now we just need to agree on that other 3 to get.

Rocking my...  Teapot necklace from I am Acrylic. I love it. Goes with everything, no need for more discussion. Ok well how about the fact all handmade, like proper handmade, no lazercutting here, its all done by hand.

Pimping... my magazine storage. Picked up this beauty for a bargainous £2.99 on eBay. It might need a bit more pimping at some point but for now, I'm letting it settle in before deciding what to do.

Stalking... The O2 box office. Or at least it looks like it according to my phone records - 134 calls the other day trying to get Monty Python Tickets. Always busy, but I kept calling while in the "waiting room" on the website. What is that?? When did buying tickets become such a big thing with fancy waiting rooms?? Used to be you just kept calling until you got through or waiting on the website hitting refresh until they opened up sales. Oh well, the stalking worked and we are seeing them in July. Woohoo!!!

© Monty Python

Munching... or rather slurping some mighty fine wine. As I have said, I am enjoying a new found love affair with my wine merchant. Seeing that I've not seen much daylight this month, a small wee tasty glass while catching up on my reading has been my little treat. 

Next month I solemnly promise to...

sit back and enjoy Christmas. Which generally involves alot of munching. Expect alot of recipes to go up in December..

.... Ho Ho Ho!!! 

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