Happy New Year - of the Horse that is.

I've decided to ignore January. The last few years I've had pretty bloody shocking ones, and I've always let that knock me sideways going into the new year. And there is something about it being the start of the year going tits up that makes it so much harder to pick yourself back up. So, from now on I'm embracing Chinese new year as another chance to start this year over, and not be totally glummed out. Well.. this is the plan anyway. Its another chance to sort out all those resolutions and get started right, and maybe a little of a way of getting around the fact I've been working triple time and not had time to do anything at all.

I love the google doodles... and this year of the horse one rocks. 

Now I know, astrology is bunk and all that, and for the most part I do agree. This year is the year of the wood horse (according to the internet) which is lucky. The "wood" makes this horse very auspicious for blooming and flourishing - think "Spring". Horse is also the polar opposite in terms of personality to my Rat, so I'm taking it as my cue to shake things up a bit. Plus, any excuse to justify eating more Peking Duck.

So... three things I do that are really terrible and I should get over
  1. I think "ooh I'll have to try making that" and never do. 
  2. I really do indulge in the hermit lifestyle
  3. I forget to take photos. All the time. 
So.. to tackle the first... I've made myself a jar of stuff I have to make. It has recipes, sewing projects and all sorts. There are more than 52 in there, but each is on a different colour paper so I can pick out a recipe and a sewing project out in a week if I have time. But I solemnly swear on my sweet and sour chicken that I will start one a week AT LEAST, and keep going until its done before starting another.

The second. I'm going to do a  365 Project - only starting tomorrow. So from then, until 31 January 2015 I'm going to take a photo of each day. Its also going to help me with number 3 as I can't really just do photos of my home and work. Every week I'll put them into a little collage and post them for you to see, 'cos I'm nice like that (and it'll keep me shooting)

The third is hard. My natural state is hermit-ude. I'm more than comfy on my days off to sit on my sofa and read. I'm also a bit socially anxious, so this one is going to test me a bit. The photo taking will help. My goal is to get out of the house for at least one day of the week, other than for work. Sometimes I don't and that's not good. Baby steps to start, I'm just hoping to start the habit of going out and then move onto working on the meeting people side of me. I know I can do this, I do it at work. Work me is totally different, so I know I can do it.

I'm actually excited about this, hopefully it will work out well. I've already picked out my project for next week, can't wait, and Mr O is taking me out for lunch and supplies tomorrow. My camera is primed and I'm ready to go.

Happy year of the Horse all! 

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