Lamifix Love?

I picked up some Lamifix on my last visit to my fabric shop. It is basically an iron on covering for fabric that makes anything wipe clean. The idea of this is BRILLIANT to me, because I love so many prints and think it would be perfect for something, but then its not wipe clean. The shop had examples made up using it for apron, but that wasn't what I was thinking. The make up bags I had in my head as ideal Christmas gifts were the first thing I thought Lamifix would make oh-so-excellent.

Well, I'm not utterly convinced yet to be honest.

It goes on quite nice and easy, just cut to the size of the fabric you want to bond it too and iron on cotton setting. And it really is as easy as that. The instructions it comes with are really that basic - Iron this side 8 seconds on cotton.

The effect? Perfect. As you can see from the before and after that pattern looks as nice as ever- so in that aspect its brill.

before Lamifix
after Lamifix

 The downside? Its east to work with and sew, in that sense no different. Except the noise.

I am totally open to the idea its my iron (which I know is closer to budget than good) and also that it might be the matt version that I got, and the glossy might be better, but still. There is no escaping the fact it sounds like my cute little makeup bags sound like they are harbouring a sneaky packet of monster munch!!

It rustles really badly, which isn't so briliant, or indeed something I've experienced with oilcloth. Its also a quality that is really off putting. I'm going to try it again, maybe borrow a better iron just in case, but so far as a miracle product for makeup bags, purses and other small lovely things. Colour me unconvinced

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