Retro Styled Eyemask

The worst thing about living on a main road is street lighting, it interrupts your sleep! What is a girl do to? Obviously you make a sleep mask

Of course it has to look fantastic. The shape of mine is based on my glasses -I traced along the brow, then exaggerated the shape until I was happy with it, then traced all the way around 5mm from the shape (to give my seam allowance). Cut out this shape and use it as a pattern piece to cut out two identical shapes. These are your eyemask pieces. I've used a lovely soft spotty cotton from my stash for my inside, and a bit of lovely linen-cotton mix from Echino I picked up at Eternal Maker. Its not only got buttons but it has butterflies, and so many colours! *Swoon*

 You'll need to cut two pieces of thin elastic for a strap. The easiest way to get the right size for snug fit, that I've found anyway, is to hold the elastic where you wish it to sit and cut to just shorter than it needs to be. Knot both pieces together about an inch from the end. The knot helps ease the pull on the ends of the elastic that are stitched in. 

Interface both pieces. then pin them right sides together. pin the elastic in place, tucking inside and taking care that you are only going to stitch in the two ends! Admit it, we've all done it with straps etc. Stitch all the way around, making sure to get both ends of the elastic, but leaving a gap so you can turn it inside out. If you aren't good with corners (like me) it might be advisable to mark your intended stitch line to make it easier to follow (unlike me). Snip the edges off any corners, and turn the right sides out. 

Once you have your mask right side out, trace its shape onto some thin wadding, cutting a piece to its exact size. Put this into the "pocket" of the eyemask, smoothing it until it fills the space with no bunching or creases. Pin the opening closed and top-stitch all the way around. 

There you have it. An utterly fabulous eyemask, guaranteed to make you look stylish as you sleep. Of course I've gone for classing retro styling, but you could make any sort of shape. As long as it covers your eyes, on this one anything goes. If you want to use my shape, download and print this file.

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