365 Project + 16 - 24

I've been a busy busy bee, plotting some things. Unfortunately last weeks make wasn't up to sharing standards (see 18!!). That said I've got some fun, simple and bright things in the works.

 Back to the photos however.... 

# football widow 

I *tried* to make the fabric storage box that the jar asked of me, but I got cocky and
thought I didn't need cardboard, so its somewhat floppy

Holiday in just under 12 weeks. So excited !!! 

the nicest view on my way home from work, not least because it means I'm nearly home

Playing with art filters and the self-timer on my camera 

Holiday planning in the pub.

Late night lights at the comedy club

Playing with "modes" on my camera on a trip to the Tate. This one is called dramatic tones

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