Remote Control Storage

Remotes end up EVERYWHERE don't they? That is, everywhere but where they are meant to be. I think the weirdest place I ever found ours was in the fridge. So some sort of wrangling for them was required. This caddy can be pinned near to your gogglebox, or (like I have) on the side of your TV unit. Takes no time to make but keeps the remote from ending up somewhere uncomfortable. This project should comfortably fit three remotes, and all you really need is the fabric and a bit of time - great for using up bits from your stash.

Cut two pieces of fabric, 24'' x 11''. Iron on some interfacing (if you have it) and pin right sides together, before sewing up 3 of the sides. Turn right sides out and then sew shut the final side - leaving you with a large rectangle of fabric to work with.

Fold widthways, leaving just a 2 inch or so space at the top, like shown below, to create a pocket. Pin the edges together and pop your remotes in. Using a bit of trial and error, pin where you want to stitch to create the pockets. Mark these lines.

Now, you will have noticed that the pocket is MASSIVE, and is a bit too long. While your remotes are inside, mark with a pin about 2cm below the top of the shortest of your remotes. Take them out, then mark a horizontal line from this point. It is a bit easier if you are using a geometic print like me, and you can use the pattern as a guide for your lines, but mark however you like. Once you have, and you've pinned, you are ready to sew.

Sew the sides, then along the lines you marked for the pockets - but ONLY AS FAR AS YOUR HORIZONTAL LINE. Then fold down the rest of the "flap" and sew the sides again, holding the "cuff" in place.

Thats it, done. Attach how you like to where you like. I'm low-tech and used shiny round pins to hold it onto the side of my tv unit. Its a hard place to photograph but hopefully you get the idea. Pretty, functional, and perfectly placed to stop them ending up next to the milk!

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