Sunshine Coast-er

Out of the jar this week came the command to make a coaster, or rather to finally use the "Coaster Kit" that came with a copy of Crafty Magazine a while back. Seemingly the right week for it, as I was feeling a bit too awful to do much, and sadly Crafty announced they were no more.

So, coasters. The kit itself had a few bits of felt, some embroidery thread and a cork coaster with a sticky side.

I decided to make a sky coaster to go with my "orchard" writing mat on my desk, using mostly the kit, but a bit of felt the right shade of blue I had in my scrap bag.

I traced the shape of the coaster and cut out the round in blue. I used a £2 coin to cut a yellow circle for the sun, and the clouds were simply cut out in a vague cloud shaped. Both were very simply sewn in place with my very bad stitching, which also added the rays of sunshine. 

All that was left was to stick it to the cork - which could easily been done with a bit of strong glue if using a normal bit of cork. I think it looks fairly nice for ten minutes work from my sickbed. 

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