Tilly's Fur Collar

I loved the free pattern for a faux fur collar that Tilly gifted the world just before Christmas, and I'm chuffed that its my first make out of the Jar.

After an hour a bit of difficulty in choosing my fur down at the shop, I decided on this lovely spot that is apparently not Leopard but Jaguar. Very classy non?

Tilly's pattern is here, and its very easy to follow. Honestly, its so simple it took me no time to knock up, and still it looks fab. The only problem is that, being a curvy girl who doesn't like tops that are  close to my throat it feels a bit snug around my chunky neck. It could also be bigger to be in better proportion to the rest of me, but that's personal preference. I've got plans to make another slightly different (mainly to fit better with the neckline of my favourite blue dress).

Still, I need one to go with every outfit, and it looks good with a black tee. What do you think??**

**other than I need to get better at self portraits! it took FOREVER to get a good shot!  


  1. Wow, your collar is awesome and you are beautiful!!

    1. I would love to know how to make it :).

  2. Thanks! Tilly gives great full instructions on her blog here http://www.tillyandthebuttons.com/2013/12/free-pattern-make-fake-fur-collar.html