By Hand London: Design and print your own fabric!

For those who don't know about Kickstarter, here is the deal. People put up a pitch for a project, product or whatever, and rather than the pitch being aimed at a bank for funding, they are asking you/me/us, the target audience, to fund it instead. They get 30 days to get the amount they need, they don't get anything (ie you dont pay) if they don't reach the goal, and usually you'll get "rewards" for your pledges, which makes it often a very advance pre-order. At least the way I usually fund anyway.

I've funded a few albums, a movie and a few computer games for him. But although its different to my usual fare, this project from By Hand London was really up my street.

This is the bones of the pitch,

After a wild ride so far, we have decided to add an entirely new facet to the brand: print-on-demand fabrics! Since we feel that, if there is no limit to what clothes, accessories and homewares we can dream up and make, there should also be no limits on the fabric designs available either. As well as offering a tightly curated gallery of exclusive designs, working closely with and championing emerging designers and students, customers will also be able to upload and print their very own custom fabrics. On top of all that, regular design competitions will be held open to one and all, with the winning fabric design voted on by the online community. 

They goal is to raise the funds for a textile printer, and the other bits needed to make the idea work. I don't know about you but I LOVE the idea of printing my own doodles onto fabric. 

I mentioned rewards right? Well as I said, think advance pre-order, one that might be a bit more expensive, but usually its the only way of guaranteeing that whatever it is sees the market. That said, when for a £50 backing to this one you get 2 meters of your own fabric plus loads of extras, and the knowledge that its there for you to use in the future it isn't too bad. If that is a bit rich for you don't despair - you can pledge anything from as little as £1, that is just what I went for. 

I really hope these girls make their goal, not least because I want my fabric. But if its even remotely up your alley check out the video pitch at the very least. Funding ends April 12th, here's hoping they make their goal!  

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