International Womens Day 2014 - Inspiring Women

It's International Womens Day, no better day to share this with you. This is the fabulous woman who has recently, again, inspired me. I'm also related to her so I get to be totally biased and say she might just be the Queen of sewing! My Queen of sewing at least

My Mum recently putting all the old family photos on disc. My Grandpa took THOUSANDS in his time, of all the exotic places they visited and lived. Looking back at them all one thing stood out. My Grandma's A-mazing wardrobe. 

Here are the Ladies in about 1961, Grandma, her Mother-in-Law and my Mum.

Look at the fashions, aren't they gorgeous! My Mum's red shoes and especially my Grandma's dress, Has to be one of my favourites. Alas it is lost so I can't go rummaging in the attic for it. Mum reckons I get the stitch-bug from her, she made all her own clothes.  Its that pesky high waist and shapely derrière we share!

I think I need to make myself a dress like this, I love (what I can see of) the scalloping design on the bust and the yellow trim. My mum's outfit isn't too bad either! 

Full patterned skirt and a cardy, whats not to love. Its practically my uniform!

I love this bikini, not so sure on the swim hat. This one I know for sure is handmade as she's very proud of it. So was her wedding dress - but that's another story.

To all the Fabulous Ladies the world over, keep inspiring!  

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