love life small # 1 - find a little love at home.

I've decided to start sharing those little things that make living in a tiny tiny home easier, and where better to start than the most important thing. Find something to love about your home.

I was given a book on thrifty living a few birthdays back. Its an oldie, originally published in 1937, it was written between the wars for the Manhattan crowd. It came orginally as a help to me living my Gatsby daydreams, and it is, but its also really more about trying to live Gatsby, trying to keep up the lifestyle without the income.

One major bit of advice she has is the idea of reducing your income by reducing your home, but do it in a certain way. When you declutter to fit, don't get rid of things you love, and more importantly  finding something to love in your space. I grumble, but aside from a few things, I love our little flat. Ok, so maybe a bit more space for a comfy armchair or for one of us not to have the "wall side" of the bed, but if I had that, it'd be perfect.

But the trick is not not dwell about that stuff. It's to think about the light that streams in through the window, or that it gets a nice view of something other than someone else's wall. And that although it isn't the dream house, it has that thing that is.. the fireplace, or the view or the cottage like ceilings.

Concentrate on that, and its easy to love your tiny place for something other than its equally tiny bills.

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